New Sites

This part’s for Town Center managers, festival organizers or any other landlords looking to turn a minimum of of 16 sq meters of unused space into rental revenue.

Northcote Rd has come up in the world somewhat since we started there and lots of high end fashion brands have moved in but the Breadstall has always been a daily draw for regular customers looking for bread or a bit of lunch and that creates foot fall which is good for everyone. Time Out has stated that the Breadstall is responsible for revitalizing the street when it was in decline and we’d obviously like to agree. So please drop us a line if you think you can accommodate us.

We can be semi permanent or permanent depending on requirements, and we’re also looking at some beautiful Parisian-style kiosks made from glass and brass that’d look great in a pedestrianised shopping area.

We’ve looked at doing shops, but frankly you can’t beat an outdoor bakery for creating the buzz of something different – not to mention the smell of fresh baking wafting down the street.

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